A mother of a graduate recently shared her son’s success story and how Kfar Zeitim changed his life:

To the administration of Yeshivat Kfar Zeitim-Yameynu KeKedem-ORT.

“If our mouths were filled with song as expansive as the ocean…and our tongues with rejoicing as numerous as the waves, and our lips with praise…and we cannot give enough thanks” (Shabbat morning prayers). Two and a half years ago, my son, [name], arrived at Kfar Zeitim without any chances for success. But the whole amazing staff undertook to assist him, and did not give up on him. For all the heart and soul- you gave your whole selves. You raised him up from the depths higher and higher. I have no words to thank the entire staff that labored, toiled and put in their full effort, who just wanted the best in the world for [student name] starting from Yehuda Hertzlich, David Bloch, Ro’e, Maybel, Adiel, HaRav Frank, the amazing rabbis that guided him, HaRav Eitan. You all were all blessed emissaries, just to bring goodness, to nurture and to cultivate a wilted flower, to a blooming and growing flower.

And today that [student name] is graduating. He is graduating with renewed strength and abilities, and faith in himself, hope for a bright present and future.  There will be a special certificate of appreciation in Heaven for all the great effort that you exerted and worked. You gave your entire being [to my son], without ulterior motives.

I will forever be grateful to you.

You are amazing, wonderful people, thank you, thank you and thank you again for everything!

My you be blessed with all the blessing in the world.

We appreciate you greatly and forever,

[student name] and his mother [name]

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