Two months changed my life forever. I was in 9th grade, coming from a tough family and suffering from physical abuse as a child, I did not see a future for myself. I had little self-confidence and a negative self-image; the smallest setback would cause me to break down in tears. In class, things could not be worse: I couldn’t even do third-grade math. Figuring out a simple problem like 1+5 would take half a minute, and division – what was that?

I began sessions in the Learning Center. I learned using games and challenges given by the teacher. I found that my outlook began to change. No longer was I afraid of math. One morning, I came into math class, calmly answered the hardest two math problems, and handed in my assignment. I didn’t believe it! I found myself beginning to dream. For the first time in my life, I had aspirations, imagining myself as an engineer and taking advanced mathematical studies! – Ari, 9th grade

Their Need

Over 95% of our students have ADHD and/or learning disabilities, with half of them in need of urgent help. As a result of these difficulties, many have lost all motivation and desire to even enter the classroom. Even with the desire to learn, many students don’t have basic reading, writing or math skills. This poses an urgent challenge, as it is very difficult to succeed academically without core skills.

Our Solution

The Learning Center addresses students’ educational and emotional needs with a holistic approach, enabling them to experience success, and rejoin the regular academic tracks.  By designing comprehensive personal development programs that take advantage of schoolwide activities like farming, animal husbandry and others, the Center makes the academic learning experience meaningful and effective.  In addition to practical help with basic reading, writing, and math skills, students receive the one-on-one attention of a mentor. The Learning Center uses creative techniques like brain teasers and strategy games, which markedly improve students’ reading abilities.

Our solution includes:

  • Holistic approach that coordinates the implementation of personalized development plans between homeroom staff, subject teachers and enrichment activity instructors
  • One-on-one tutoring using creative strategies
  • Remedial instruction in core subjects
  • Daily progress reports

Project Impact

The Learning Center achieves the following:

  • Ensures that all students achieve literacy in reading, writing and math
  • Students with weak academic backgrounds and little motivation to study successfully integrate into regular classes
  • Success in the job market will be increased with more students being able to read and write
  • Students develop a belief in their own abilities through handling responsibility successfully- improving their future progress in all areas
  • 4944 hours of instruction have been provided since 2015

Project Cost

Because government funding is generally limited to regular school hours, and due to Yemeynu Kekedem’s limited budget, only a percentage of students receive adequate remedial assistance. The essential remedial needs, covering 2.5 hours a week over one school year, cost $900 for each student.

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