We constantly see the progress of our teens at Kfar Zeitim, but it is especially heartwarming to hear about the our teen’s success from the parent’s perspective. The following is a translated letter of appreciation we received recently:

I am [name] the mother of [name]. I want to thank you dear staff, from the bottom of my heart. To the homeroom teacher, to the counselor, and also to the principal, HaRav Buta, that are doing amazing work with my son!

I have no words…I see drastic changes from one visit home to the next. He is undergoing extreme progress as a result of the center, and especially thanks to the staff being like family: caring, loving and dealing with [student name] in an non-condescending way. He feels it and shares those feelings with me…

I am very excited- you should know that you are saving his life!!! He has been missing a loving male role model for many years…And now, he is beginning to slowly build his sense of self owing to the trust and appreciation you show him. I am only left to say thank you!!!

In the future, you will see from him a different boy, that you won’t even recognize. I recognize the innate potential in him. Great job, and may God repay you for your efforts, Amen.

I must also thank the center, the committee and those who took care of my request for a discount on tuition, for accommodating my needs.

Again, I wholeheartedly thank you so much.

With blessings,


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