Two words that instill fear and anxiety in every home with school-age kids: “Summer vacation”. It’s almost here. What to do with those precious kids, to keep them occupied and to keep you sane? Make the process and the product part of the reward, similar to what we do at Kfar Zeitim!

At Kfar Zeitim, we are always looking for new and creative ways to educate and empower our students, so we decided that sometimes in life there is a free lunch- or at least a tasty snack. At Kfar Zeitim, students don’t have to pay for goodies at the snack shack. Instead, students can get for with credit for confections: when students participate constructively in class and in activities they receive points, and lose points when the opposite occurs. Other students staff the shack and own the process from start to finish, from building the structure to budgeting and buying the ingredients to preparing the food. While your kids aren’t about to build you a new house, you can try doing a similar system with your kids!

You can try giving credit to your kids to reward good behavior and participating in chores. Later, they could swap credit for privileges or a tasty treat. This is the important thing: have them participate in the preparation. It reinforces good behavior and the preparation doubles as a rewarding experience for the parents and kids. Bon Appetit!

We have a crepe machine, fruit shakes and an industrial oven with plans for adding more items to the menu. Here are some ideas for home:

  • Make pancakes and add healthy toppings
  • Blend a fruit smoothie
  • Freeze ice pops (for later enjoyment)
  • Bake a hot cake
  • Prepare a parfait

Here are some more healthy foods ideas with kids for the summer!