25 years ago, Avshalom Basri, a young IDF soldier from Kfar Zeitim, fell defending the Lebanon border. Soon thereafter, a Beit Midrash was erected in his memory.
This week, students from the Kfar Zeitim Torah and Technology Center finished renovations of of the Beit Midrash using skills they learned at the school. The work took a number of months to complete as students in the carpentry track focused on bookshelves, closets and furniture. Boys from the electricity track rewired the Beit Midrash, working in tandem with the carpentry students in construction. Other students took part in improving the physical appearance, doing landscaping around the Beit Midrash. Finally, on Sunday, they had a hachnasat sefer Torah (Torah dedication) for the Beit Midrash, capping off a very meaningful experience for all participants!
Most importantly, the students honored the memory of Avshalom by contributing their share to a place of Torah!

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