The Kfar Zeitim Torah and Technology Center measures its overall success in the following ways:

  • Individualized Student Status Reports: Teachers produce a brief daily status report for each student. In addition, the residential school director meets with the youth counselors every day. Once a week, a meeting takes place with the social workers and once a month there is a meeting of all classroom staff with the principal. At these meetings, the progress of each boy is discussed from a variety of perspectives.
  • Yedidut Toronto Evaluations: Yedidut Toronto, a primary supporter of Kfar Zeitim, implements ongoing evaluation tools throughout the year as a part of its contract with the school. The evaluation assesses the social, academic, and behavioral progress of each student through site visits, meetings with educators and therapeutic staff, and monthly written reports. Yedidut Toronto shares the results with Kfar Zeitim, and provides guidance and support according to the data.
  • Tracking of Graduates: Kfar Zeitim keeps in close touch with the program graduates, tracking their activities in the workforce in order to see if they have reached the goals of becoming functioning and independent adults.
  • Grades: Improved grades are a strong indication that Kfar Zeitim’s various programs – the Learning Center, Enrichment Activities, and more – are impacting each student positively.
  • Number of Students: Kfar Zeitim also measures its success in the continued increase in the number of students, indicating a firm vote of confidence from the Haredi community and parents. For example, in the 2016-7 year there are 150 students at Kfar Zeitim, a 45% increase in just three years.
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