The Kfar Zeitim Torah and Technology Center is a warm, welcoming residential educational framework in the pastoral Lower Galilee. The center provides a holistic solution for at-risk Haredi boys ages 14-18 who have left conventional Haredi educational institutions due to difficult family circumstances, learning disabilities, or behavioral problems. Founded in 2006 by two dedicated educators, Kfar Zeitim combines Torah study, vocational training, academic learning, and therapeutic support, enabling each student to mature into an independent, self-confident and religiously observant young man.

In addition to providing a solution for individual students, Kfar Zeitim also aims to fulfill a national mission. This is due to the growing concern over the future of Israel’s economy and the need to broaden the Israeli workforce. Kfar Zeitim demonstrates that it is possible to raise Haredi boys in a religious atmosphere akin to their home, but with the addition of vocational and core secular studies, assuring them a respectable livelihood and successful integration into society.

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