In 2006, we began our program with 40 Haredi at-risk teens. As we experienced success, we dreamed bigger, of providing gainful vocational training as a way to fundamentally improve the lives of Haredi teens in need of an alternative educational framework. At Kfar Zeitim, we continue to innovate and to serve as a successful model for assisting Haredi youth-at-risk.

We have consistently worked with dedication, enthusiasm and passion to improve the lives of Haredi at-risk teens by providing them with appropriate therapeutic resources and quality vocational training, guiding them along the path to lasting personal growth. Since opening the vocational school, we have successfully grown to over 150 students and 55 staff, with over 80% of graduates already in the workforce or in further academic studies.

Working on a limited budget, we added caravan by caravan to the campus to meet our growing needs, transforming a trailer park into a Garden of Eden. However, we have outgrown our current facilities. In order to continue to fulfill our vision of developing opportunities for Haredi at-risk youth, we need to expand our institutional capabilities.

We are pleased to announce that land has been approved for construction, and we are already in the middle of architectural planning. Join us and be a partner of this project so we can magnify our impact together.

We have incredible students and an outstanding professional staff that will thrive in a sustainable and contemporary facility.  Together we can shape the future of our teens and of Israeli society.

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Why Support the Kfar Zeitim Capital Campaign?

Kfar Zeitim Torah and Technology Center is one of the leading residential programs for Haredi at-risk youth. A new facility will enable Kfar Zeitim to provide more effective services and more suitable facilities for up to 160 students. It will also offer us greater financial stability by lowering operating costs, so we can invest more in providing top-notch care for the teens. Some of the facilities the new campus will include:

  • Recreation room
  • Four rooms for enrichment activities
  • Consultation rooms for social workers and psychologists
  • Expanded Learning Center
  • Larger music room
  • Expanded library

It is impressive what the center has accomplished with limited resources. Imagine how our programs will take flight in a new facility that is designed with our future needs in mind.

Supporting the Kfar Zeitim Capital Campaign today reduces the need for social services in the long-term and increases Haredi participation in the workforce. The services and training that Kfar Zeitim provide are essential to the long-term health of the Haredi community and Israeli society.

Please partner with us- your donation will help us realize our vision.


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