“Look at the teens working in the workshop, they learn skills that most carpenters don’t even have. We give them the highest quality training here, and that boosts their self-confidence when they go out into the workplace. They know that they are good at what they do!”- Aharon, Carpentry Department Head

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Their Need

In order to break the cycle of poverty and successfully integrate into the Israeli workforce, teens need marketable experience and skills. Many teens struggle with more abstract tasks and require hands-on work to keep them focused. The carpentry workshop provides an opportunity for students to study a profession in which they can excel. However, to be successful, students need to have maximum experience with commercial machinery.

Our Solution

In the carpentry workshop the students learn the fundamentals of woodworking by producing high-quality pieces. To provide the students with crucial commercial experience, Kfar Zeitim opened a commercial division that fills commercial orders. The students are partners in creating kitchens, closets, bookshelves and more- to date, over 30 kitchens have been produced and installed! To provide our students with the best training, it is essential that we enable our students to work with the most modern machinery. That’s why Kfar Zeitim has ordered a C.N.C. machine that will be arriving in the summer of 2017.

Even though ORT and the Ministry of Economy cover only the most basic equipment, it is important to Kfar Zeitim that to provide the safest, most effective workshop possible for the students. With the introduction of powerful state-of-the-art equipment in the carpentry workshop, there is a need to filter out harmful dust particles on a larger scale than before. The centralized dust collection system in the carpentry workshop will filter out more harmful dust particles than a series of multiple mobile dust collectors.

Project Cost

The cost of developing the carpentry workshop is $65,000:

A commercial-grade C.N.C. machine costs $50,000. We have received the generous support of the Kirsh Foundation, and by raising $25,000 we will qualify for their matching grant.

To ensure the highest quality safety levels, the installation of a centralized sawdust collection system will cost $40,000.

Project Impact

In the past two years, students have successfully created and installed over 30 kitchen units providing the students a palpable sense of achievement. Giving the students training on the C.N.C machine will make it possible to achieve the highest standards and most importantly, to enable the students to enter the workforce with expertise and experience that is in high demand. And cleaner air will provide a healthier environment for our students, as well as preventing machine breakdowns leading to missed training opportunities.

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