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Their Need

Teens that have learning challenges or that have experienced consistent failure in the past have little hope in their own abilities, both in and out of classroom. What each boy has in common is the essential need to have constructive, enriching outlets. They need opportunities to connect to activities they enjoy and can excel in, boosting their self-confidence and desire to learn.

Our Response

In addition to academic and therapeutic support, Kfar Zeitim offers students a diverse enrichment program comprised of engaging extra-curricular activities designed to increase self-confidence, renew interest in learning, and provide opportunities for success. These activities form the backbone of the center’s framework, and are overseen by the core residential staff.

We provide the students with a wide variety of enrichment opportunities:

  • Sports: Basketball, soccer, running, capoeira, martial arts, and more
  • Music: Boys study a variety of instruments privately with professional music teachers. A music room, equipped with instruments and a sound system, is open at all times
  • Photography/Videography: Students produce a series of short films
  • Entrepreneurship: Students learn to turn their ideas into business plans
  • Drama: Students choreograph and star in their own plays
  • Hands on: Metalworking, mechanics and wood sculpture


  • Increased motivation and desire to learn
  • They expend their energy in a productive way
  • They learn important interpersonal skills like teamwork and cooperation
  • They explore new ways to creatively express themselves
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