I came to Kfar Zeitim having always been a disappointment. I would struggle with anxiety, having trouble facing my fears and insecurities.

I immediately was drawn to the Farm and Wilderness Training, especially the stable. I found that the horses read you, they reflect how you are feeling. You can’t let yourself be scared, because the horses will get out of control. I grew from working with the horses because it forces you to relax because they imitate you. Although I was very fearful and nervous at first, when I was given the responsibility of taking care of the horses, I learned to overcame my fears- in the stable, and then in the classroom. With greater self-control, I have been able to succeed in my studies as well! – Binyomin, 11th grade

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Their Need

Many teenagers have to overcome personal or social challenges in order to succeed. For those who have had negative social experiences in the past and are victims of social anxiety, they need an opportunity to learn to display sensitivity and care for others. They need a means to develop a sense of responsibility. They require a relaxed atmosphere that they can discover themselves in, outside of the walls of the classroom.

Our Response

At Kfar Zeitim, we give the students opportunities to take responsibility in a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere on the farm. Showing empathy for the animals gives them the strength to become caring friends. Given accountability for taking care of another life, they will develop a sense of mature responsibility in other areas, too. Each teen connects to a different aspect of the farm and wilderness training, therefore, Kfar Zeitim provides a variety of opportunities.

Our Farm and Wilderness Training program includes:

  • Wilderness training
  • Horseback riding weekly
  • Maintaining a chicken coop
  • Caring for the goat herd
  • Farming seasonal vegetables
  • Producing cheese
  • Caring for an aviary

 Our Impact

  • The responsibility the teens take and the compassion the teens show taking care of the horses, goats, chickens and birds, build their character to be contributing, active members of Israeli society
  • Communicating and focusing on the needs of the animals help the teens heal the emotional wounds resulting from neglect at home or learning difficulties in previous educational frameworks
  • Teens learn to believe in themselves by successfully taking responsibility for different areas of the farm
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