I came to Kfar Zeitim with a serious lack of self-confidence. When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t even say “hello” to my roommates, it was too difficult. I began the carpentry track without any special talent for it, but I liked it. I noticed that whenever I completed the assignment well, my teacher made sure to give me a compliment. Those few words had a great impact on me.

Carpentry became a way for me to express myself, even without words. I invested myself in the work, and I got consistently high marks on my projects- the first time I was getting such high marks in my life!

One day, my teacher pushed me out of my comfort zone. He told me, in light of good work, that I would be paired as a mentor for weaker students in the group. At first, I was horrified and scared. But as I did it, I learned to compliment, to speak positively and to effectively communicate. It is hard for me to break out of my shell, but my confidence is growing and it is becoming easier to speak to my friends. I make sure to say “hello” in the morning now! – Yitzchok, 10th grade

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Their Need

Many teens needlessly suffer from low self-confidence and self-esteem as well as an inability to independently support themselves financially when they graduate. Without help, these boys would be on a path towards poverty and emotional dependency.

Our Response

At Kfar Zeitim, the students drastically change their life paths by studying vocational specializations as well as core subjects: English, mathematics, and Hebrew. These certified vocational courses include theory as well as plenty of hands-on practicum. Students have even obtained professional experience in their field while still in school, for example, through a computer repair shop on campus as well as filling orders for commercial-grade furniture.

  •  They choose one of three specialized, certified professional tracks: Carpentry, Industrial Electricity, or Computer Network Management
  • They train on the latest equipment to best prepare them for the workforce
  • They graduate with professional certification enabling them to support themselves
  • They take control of their financial future with small-business training seminars

Our Impact

  • Students obtain the tools to raise themselves out of poverty to respectably support themselves
  • Vocational studies provide students with an outlet of personal expression, building a well-adjusted, motivated teen with a healthy level of self-esteem
  • Many teens obtain professional work experience before graduation
  • 100% of graduates earned professional certification over the past three years
  • 80+% of alumni are presently in the workforce or are continuing academic studies
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