I was only in 9th grade, but I already felt tired and had no reason to get up in the morning. I came from a difficult home and had never been “good” at anything. What was the point in trying if I wouldn’t succeed? I came to Kfar Zeitim needing a mentor.

I found a mentor in my teacher. He showed me warmth and empathy. He gave me space to grow as I was finding myself. He guided me towards finding my niche in school, and helping me discover interests that would motivate me. Under his guidance, I discovered a sense of self through the various activities at Kfar Zeitim. Soon, I even found myself interested in deeper Judaic studies that would guide my spiritual world beyond graduation. The guidance I got was important in helping me reconnect with my family and feeling comfortable in my community- Motti, 9th grade

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Their Need

Many teens are disconnected from their families and communities as a result of their negative experiences in the Haredi educational system. This feeling of isolation and failure holds them back socially and academically. For the teens to ultimately integrate into their communities, they need to repair these frayed relationships. They need the space to grow spiritually with guidance from experienced educators.

Our Response

The educators at Kfar Zeitim serve as warm and supportive mentors. They are role models, guiding and enabling the students to thrive. When students feel safe and open enough, mentors guide them to reconnect with their families and communities.

Our Spiritual Support program provides:

  • Teachers/mentors
  • Judaism classes
  • Beit Midrash/Study Hall
  • Guest lectures

Our Impact

  • Increased connection with their families and communities
  • Teens develop a personal sense of drive and purpose
  • Healthy, guided personal growth
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